Elected new committee 2019-2020

Announcing the new committee members elected to the office for 2019-2020

President: Lai Wei Tang

Vice-President: Geoffrey Ince

Secretary: Stewart Ah-Kan

Treasurer: Karen Hughes

Membership: Karen Hughes

Webmaster and Newsletter: Norman Chong

Administrator: Vacant

Ordinary Committee Members: Tong Low; Michael Ngan



Karen has been practising tai chi for near 12 years, the last 6 years learning the Wudang style under Master Su Rule of Chi Generation. Karen trained in the Wudang mountains, China, in September 2016, with other students from Chi Generation, studying under Master Hu. 

In April 2017, Karen attended a Cultural Exchange week, also with Chi Generation, to mark the opening of the new Wudang San Feng Pai Temple and Academy in Fu Quan, China. Performing the Wudang 28 & Yin Water Form for Grand Master Zhong Yun Long and the Masters & students of schools from across China, was a highlight.

Karen has competed in the WTQA competitions for the last four years, under Chi Generation, winning medals in both group and individual events.

Email: treasurer@wtqa.org.au 


Tong Low


Tong Low has a wealth of martial arts knowledge to draw on. He first started studying martial arts at the age of 14, and has since worked through the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Hapkido before finding his beloved wushu. The Chinese Martial Arts have become an obsession for Tong, who takes every opportunity to learn and improve his skills through his many and varied contacts around the world.

Sifu Low is an International Wushu Judge and has officiated at WTPA annual competitions, 7th & 8th World Wushu Championships, 1st & 2nd World Junior Wushu Championships, 1st to 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships & 4th TAFISA World Sport for All Games.
He  has recently been appointed as the International Consultant of coaching and judging  to Wushu Federation of Sri Lanka.

Tong Low served as a dedicated, popular and resourceful President of WTPA from 2008 to 2012.

Email: tong@wtqa.org.au


Michael Ngan

Michael Ngan.jpg

Michael has practiced Wushu and Taichi under the tutorship of Master Tang Lai Wei. He has instructed both Wushu and Taichi since 2004 and been a member of Monash Wushu Club since 2006. He became a committee member in that year and served in various roles including President and Treasurer until 2013.
Michael moved to the US late 2013 and currently resides in Chicago. He continues to train abroad and attends committee meetings via Skype.

Email: michael@wtqa.org.au


Norman Chong

Norman Portrait photo.jpg

Norman Chong has practiced traditional Tai Chi Quan for some 30+ years. He learned from two Tai Chi grandmasters: The late Master Wang Yen Nian of Taiwan and Master Ji Shou Xiang of China. Master Wang was the president of Taiwan National Tai Chi Association. Master Ji, widely recognized as a prestigious fifth generation disciple of traditional Wu style Tai Chi, is the current vice-president of Tai Chi Push Hand Association of China Suzhou and the chief Tai Chi instructor of Su Chow University. Both masters had the rare opportunities of inheriting the ancient traditional forms of Tai Chi which continue to follow the original principles as described in the ancient Tai Chi scripts.

Norman won the silver medal in the 2014 WTQA competition for Yang Style Traditional Tai Chi Quan, and gold medals at 2015 and 2016 WTQA competition for Tai Chi Push Hand category.

In his effort to promote these ancient traditional forms of Tai Chi Quan which will help practitioners to achieve extraordinary good health, Norman Chong established Universal Tai Chi Academy in the year 2005.

Norman is a semi-retired professional electrical and electronic engineer who is trilingual in English, Chinese and Malay.   

Email: norman@wtqa.org.au                  



Honorary Life Members


Master Liu De Ming

Master was the inaugural President of ANWTA, later to become WTPA, now WTQA His continued interest in the Association and enthusiasm in providing education and skills development has been invaluable to the members and to the national Wushu & Tai Chi community. 

Master Liu is renowned for his willingness to readily pass on his skills, expertise and experience to practitioners of all levels and for his love of and dedication to Wushu. 

Master Liu is the 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage. He began his study of martial arts at the age of eight with Master Hong Zheng Fu and legendary Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng. 

After graduating from Beijing University Of Physical Education, Master Liu accepted a teaching post at the famous Shaolin Temple. Subsequently, he spent 12 years teaching at the Fujian Institute Of Physical Education. He has lived, taught and trained in Melbourne, Australia since 1992

Master Liu has studied both the internal and external styles of Gong Fu (Kung Fu) for over 30 years. He has been a successful competitor and coach at local and national level. He understands that there are many levels of interest and commitment in the martial arts, from relaxation, fitness and self defence, through to training for competition and beyond this, into the life long search and commitment for martial art excellence.


Master Tang Lai Wei

Master Tang began training wushu at the age of seven and was the youngest member of the Beijing Wushu Team when it was formed in 1974. Under the coaching of Grandmaster Wu Bin, the Beijing Wushu Team won ten straight All-China Wushu championships and produced many individual champions.

During this time Master Tang won almost thirty medals, including ten gold and the highest title in Wushu, the Wu Ying. As a member of the Beijing Wushu Team, Master Tang had the opportunity to travel to the United States in 1974 and 1980 and to Africa, Japan, Europe and Australia. He has also worked in several films, including "North-South Shaolin" (Nan Bei Shaolin), the third of the famous Shaolin Temple films starring Jet Li.

After retiring from competition, Master Tang immigrated to Australia in 1988.


Master Gary Jackson

Gary has not only served the association well as a committee member but also as President. He is admired and loved by all those members who have attended and enjoyed the many workshops conducted by him for the benefit of WTQA. His good humour and teaching abilities are outstanding. Gary is also well known in the traditional karate community as a well know master of Goju-Ryu.


Rob Fennell

Rob Fennell was awarded with an Honorary Life Membership in recognition of his significant contribution to WTQA (formerly ANWTA). Under the founder and inaugural president Master Liu Deming, he was instrumental in the formation of the association and became the inaugural secretary and public officer in 2002. He was also responsible for maintaining the membership database and editing the Wushu News.  In 2005 he retired from the official positions and from the committee prior to moving to the warmer climate of Yeppoon in Queensland.

In retirement Rob continues to maintain his interests in WTQA and makes important contributions from afar thanks to that modern technology called the internet!  Rob has spent the best part of his life involved in martial arts and we hope that he will continue to be actively involved and support WTQA for years to come.


Angelina Chung

Angelina is well known to anyone who has attended any WTQA meeting or event.  She is renowned for her organisational ability due mainly to being able to crack a very mean whip if we don't get things done, and if we don't then she does it better. She is one of the most valued of our members and thoroughly deserves the honour bestowed with this award. Angelina has approximately 26 years experience in major styles of Tai Chi– Yang, Chen, Hao and Sun 73 (& Tai Chi For Arthritis), has been an instructor for over 20 years . She has been a member of Chen Style Academy of Taijiquan, studying under Master Peter Wu Shi Zeng since 2000,  a member and certified instructor of Martial Art Australiaand a competition judge