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WTQA Instructor and School/Organisation members are WTQA Approved Instructors. These members have submitted their class and school information and their contact details for inclusion in our WTQA Approved Instructor Directory. Please click on the link below to find a school or class in your area.

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For schools, organisations, Instructors

MEMBER Insurance

When you are teaching, an essential element of your business is your risk management policy,  including and especially holding current and appropriate insurance. To be listed as an Approved School, Organisation or Instructor with WTQA, insurance is required and there are some terms to keep in mind when looking for that insurance. Insurers will also require your compliance with their specified conditions and, often, one of those conditions is an affiliation with an industry association such as WTQA. 

Membership of WTQA is an important credential with insurers. Certificates are issued each year when renewing your membership. Please keep this certificate stored safely to present with any insurance applications.

To become an Approved School, Organisation or Instructor, your insurance policy must clearly state each modality you are currently teaching in your classes. WTQA require a copy of your Certificate of Currency each time you renew your membership as an Approved Instructor clearly showing these modalities.

Please make sure your Insurer is advised and includes the relevant modalities on your policy: either one, two or all of the following:

Wushu            Tai Chi          Qigong

There are many insurance companies offering cover these days and it is up you to decide which company suits you best. WTQA is not an Insurance Broker nor an Insurance Company & has no interest, fiscal or otherwise, in the insurance industry.