Control of Weapons


(Control of Weapons Act 2000 and Regulations 2011)
Definition of a Sword A thrusting, striking or cutting weapon with a long blade (blunt or otherwise), having one or two edges and a hilt or handle.

Prohibited weapons are weapons that are considered inappropriate for general possession and use without a Governor in Council Exemption Order or a Chief Commissioner Approval. 
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WTPA has previously advised that the Victorian Government would be issuing a substantially revised Governor in Council Class Exemption Order applying to activities involving swords. A sword is defined as:

A thrusting, striking or cutting weapon with a long blade (blunt or other wise) having one or two edges and a hilt or handle.

The new Order has now been proclaimed in the Government Gazette and is effective immediately with all Martial Arts including Wushu and Tai Chi, in which activities involving swords are conducted, being covered by this Order.

As a result, responsibilities of Practitioners, Instructors and Organisation Members (described as Specified Organisations) of WTPA have markedly changed, however members NOT engaged in activities involving swords are not affected by the Order.

Duties and responsibilities of WTPA Organisation Members have been considerably expanded to cover the recording and supervising of their student and instructor members who are involved in sword activities.

Consequently new requirements exist for membership and new applications will be circulated to all members and member organisations by the end of June 2014. It must be remembered that swords are prohibited weapons and the possession, use or carriage of a prohibited weapon is illegal and could result in a maximum fine of $28,668 or two years imprisonment.

It is essential therefore that the documents setting out the responsibilities or Organisation Members, instructors and practitioners be examined carefully.

Responsibilities of Practitioners (including Instructors) Engaging in Activities Involving Swords:   Click Here

Additional Responsibilities of WTPA Organisation Members in Activities Involving Swords:   Click Here

The above notes do not purport to be professional legal advice. If you have any doubts as to requirements consult the original legislation, which may be accessed through or Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents Website.


Prohibited persons:

This Order does not apply to a person who is a prohibited person as defined in section 3 of the Control of Weapons Act 1990 1,

( 1 prohibited person has the same meaning as in section 3(1) of the Firearms Act 1996).
s. 3(1)(i).  Firearms Act 1996Act No. 66/1996

For a definition of a "prohibited person" please  Click Here