In Victoria, the Control of Weapons Act 1990 outlawed, among other activities, the sale, advertising for sale, possession, use and carriage of prohibited weapons. The weapons referred to in the Act include our Tai Chi and Wushu swords and sabres.

Serious and significant penalties apply to any breach of these regulations unless an exemption has been sought and granted in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Act. 

WTQA holds a Class Exemption on behalf of our members.

Members living in Victoria, or travelling to Victoria, with these weapons in their possession may apply to WTQA for inclusion in the Class Exemption. Members who own either Tai Chi or Wushu swords or sabres (we have been advised that this includes wooden weapons) are strongly advised to complete the application to join this Class Exemption and ensure the legality of your weapons practice. The exemption will enable members to legally possess, use and carry these weapons for the purpose of study, practice, training, teaching and competing in the sport.

If you own these weapons, please download the application forms, complete all the requirements and send them off to WTQA as soon as possible.

Responsibilities of Practitioners (including Instructors) Engaging in Activities Involving Swords:   Click Here

Additional Responsibilities of WTQA School & Organisation Members Engaging in Activities Involving Swords:   Click Here

The above notes do not purport to be professional legal advice. If you have any doubts as to requirements consult the original legislation, which may be accessed through http://www.justice.vic.gov.au or Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents Website.