Su Rule, president of the WTQA, on Tai Chi if it had always been there...

I wasn’t actually looking for it but there it was as if it had always been there - in thought, movement, & essence - indelible, impossible not to do! 

Listen to how Su Rule's journey started. How Sally spent 6 months balanced atop a rock in a raging river. Zhang Wei never asked the question because he was taught by his grandma. John was walking by a park and thought to ask the question.

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Sometimes in the flow and change of life Su is unable to personally respond to inquiries.  When this happens we have wonderful volunteers who can answer your questions or help you find a class in your area. Will your journey of one thousand miles starts today?

Tai Chi not quite your thing? If your looking for a bit more "kick ass" then keep reading! If your fighting for better health and well being you might want to read DrY's story.