Su Rule, president of WTQA, Talking about Tai Chi

My advice is to not think of it as "practice"

My name is Su Rule, I am an instructor and President of WTQA.

I started Tai Chi in my 20's before my life got busy with all sorts of other things. Years later, when I was living away from everybody, in a new house, new area with a young child, I found Tai Chi again.

I couldn't remember anything from my first classes but whatever it was in the class the night before, that's what I did for the week. After a couple of years in Emerald I moved down to the bigger school in Berwick. I did gradings and started the instructor training program about a year later. I started teaching a year after that. Then I started on the competition road.
In 2001, I was part of a group entry and also did two bare hand forms and one sword routine, coming home as the overall champion on the day! So that was pretty encouraging. I had never competed before.

Competitions took me to Macau, Vietnam and to China several times over, and around Australia to different national and state championships.

All that competition stuff is behind me now and I have come back to earth. 

I think you can follow the competition track or you can follow the health and healing track. They do combine and cross over all the way along. However, in the competition stuff, there's a lot more emphasis on external form. You're looking at where your hands are going, how precise your movements are. You can see the power in somebody when they're doing a good Tai Chi routine, you can see the power, see their coordination. 

When you're doing it for yourself, just doing it at home in your own backyard, it's much more internal. You don't have any of the pressure of people watching what you're doing.

My "#1 Secret Training Tip" is not to think of it as "practice" but as "using it"...

Think of classes as if you're learning a technique to de-stress. A technique to meditate by, to bring your focus in, away from the thoughts that constantly going through your brain. Gathering yourself each morning before you start the day.

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