Our Vision

WTQA offers a vision of the united Australian Wushu community that is truly independent, all inclusive and non-factional with the aim of improving the standards of the sport of Wushu in Australia. WTQA ’s commitment to co-operation, education and excellence is a strategic imperative, leading us to better practices, stronger relationships and new paths to growth. Over the last several years WTQA has worked hard to maintain itself as a strong yet flexible organisation focused on the key emerging opportunities our membership faces. Throughout this process, we have remained committed to the values that have defined us for more than 13 years.

WTQA has also kept its focus on performance for our athletes, our coaches, our judges and our communities. We continue to create new opportunities to help every member of the WTQA grow both personally and professionally.

 Every year we build on a great tradition of the WTQA inviting new insights and new ideas. We strongly believe that people can accomplish anything when they put their hearts and minds to it. This philosophy is the real source of WTQA’s achievements. Everyone taking a personal interest in wushu and our association is the foundation of WTQA’s future.