From its very beginnings, WTQA has held the vision of a united and supportive Australian Wushu Community. We are an independent, inclusive association, joined in the common aim of developing knowledge, improving standards, supporting practitioners, promoting the Chinese martial and healing arts.

WTQA stands by its commitment to co-operation, education and excellence, and, in so doing, will open pathways for all our members to pursue these practices, confident of the support and backing of a strong, flexible and focused organisation.

WTQA will continue to build on its original foundation, presenting the Wushu Tai Chi and Qigong Festival each year. As a goal in itself, the competition provides a safe, friendly environment for participants to come together and challenge themselves in a public forum; a proving ground and stepping stone for our future athletes, coaches and judges wanting to test their skills before international competition; and a chance for fellow members and the general public to experience the colour and variety of our vibrant wushu community.

With the aim of broadening our horizons in all directions, WTQA will continue to research, develop and present other avenues of interest and of benefit to our members.