Since its inception, the principle aim of WTQA has been to further develop and improve the standards of the Chinese martial and healing arts being taught and practiced in Australia. To this end, we are continually improving the services offered in order to benefit the whole community - whether as a member of the association or a newcomer to these arts.

Our Membership categories of Instructor Member and School/Organisation Member ensure that those displaying the WTQA logo are implementing the best practices and highest standards of service in their schools and classes.

Instructor and School/Organisation Members are required to adhere to the WTQA Code of Conduct and the WTQA School and Instructor Risk Management Procedures Policy. In so doing, they are required to hold and regularly update a First Aid Level 2 Certificate, have current public liability insurance and, if instructing in weaponry, maintain their annual registration under the WTQA Weapons Control Class Exemption.

Requirements for this level of membership are set and vetted by the committee of management. We request a detailed resume from each applicant, giving information as to where, when and under whom they have been trained, their years of relevant study and experience, plus verifiable references from respected and known masters and associates. Where an applicant is lacking in any of these areas, the committee will endeavour to visit the instructor or school, observe their classes and interview the applicant in person. Their findings are discussed at committee level and the applicant is either admitted or denied that membership category based on the committee's decision.

Further than this, WTQA is unable to quantify the tuition offered in our members' classes. Instructors and schools come from many different traditions and disciplines and will vary greatly in how they present and conduct their course of study. It is up to the student to find a school, an instructor and a class that matches their expectations. We do not intend to show preference or imply any recommendation of any one instructor or school member against another. We believe all our members to be honourable in their conduct and capable in their transmission of these arts to their students but cannot and do not bear any responsibility or liability if any student discovers otherwise.