Konrad Dorn, Veteran of the WTQA, on Taichi

After 20 years, I realised I was doing some things wrong!

I had been practicing yoga and meditation for about 10 years when I found a book on Tai chi in a local book store and read it. I tried the exercises and the movements and just really loved it.  

In the book it described Tai chi as like doing yoga and meditation at the same time. So you're able to use time more efficiently. Funny thing was that while that sounded good, I actually had plenty of time on my hands back then [chuckle].

It was pretty instantaneous... I think I had an affinity with it. I just fell in love with it straightaway the first time I practised it and have been practicing ever since!

I've been doing Tai chi now for about 35 years. It's allowed me to maintain a good level of fitness and mental alertness. It has also given me a really good interest in life, something to focus on.

In fact, it's a real passion and something I do for a job. I just really love it.

My biggest surprise was after I had been practicing for about 20 years, I realised I was doing some things wrong [chuckle]. It wasn't a bad thing. It showed me that the tai chi practice is very very deep, and really vast. It proved to me that it's like an art form, not something you can master quickly.

And so that gave me a chance to re-learn some things, go back to the basics. In doing so I re-inspired, re-motivated, and reignited the passion all over again, the passion of the beginner.

The most important thing is to give it a try and see if you like it.

It is an exercise, number one, but it's also a form of social engagement because you're engaging with the teacher and the other students.

Give it a bit of a time. Don't just do one class and give up. If a particular instructor or group of students doesn’t work out, try some other classes. You really need to give it a bit of time to see if you like it and it can take some time for you to feel the benefits of it as well.

Right. My number one secret training tip is not really a secret. It's just to do your homework and practice at home in between class.

There is a lot to learn, there's a lot to practice, and it is just something you can put a lot of time and effort into. Something you can really sink your teeth into and not get bored with the next day. After all this time, I'm still excited about learning new things, discovering new things, it’s just fabulous.


Do you have a question about what Konrad talked about?
What was he doing wrong? Or, Perhaps your asking if Tai Chi right for me?
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ASK Konrad! After 35 years of experience he can't be far wrong.  

Sometimes in the yin and yang DrY is unable to personally respond to inquiries.  When this happens we have wonderful volunteers who can answer your questions or help you find a class in your area. Will your journey of one thousand miles starts today?

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