Konrad Dorn, Veteran of WTQA, on Tai chi

After 20 years, I realised I was doing something wrong...

My name is Konrad Dorn. I practiced yoga and meditation for 10 years before I discovered Tai Chi. That was 35 years ago and from that day till now it has been a real passion and something I do for a job. I just really love it. Then after I had been practicing for about 20 years, I realised I was doing some things wrong!

[chuckle] It wasn't a bad thing. It showed me that the tai chi practice is very very deep, and really vast. It proved to me that it's like an art form, not something you can master quickly. And so that gave me a chance to re-learn some things, go back to the basics. In doing so I re-inspired, re-motivated, and reignited the passion all over again, the passion of the beginner.

The advice that I give to beginners, "my #1 Secret Training Tip", is not really a secret. It's just to do your homework and practice at home in between class.

There is a lot to learn, there's a lot to practice, and it is just something you can put a lot of time and effort into. After all this time, I'm still excited about learning new things, discovering new things, it’s just fabulous.

Tai Chi is based on the principles of nature. It is non religious and non political. 

Do you have a question for Konrad? What were the things he was doing wrong?
Or, Perhaps your would like to ask if Tai Chi right for me?

ASK Konrad! After 35 years of experience he can't be far wrong.