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Since its inception, WTQA has grown stronger by the year. New members are joining almost weekly and membership numbers are at an all-time high. With one of the strongest committees we have seen in years, WTQA represents a vibrant and diverse community of wushu practitioners. By becoming a member of WTQA, you will be joining the most well-respected and stable of the Chinese martial and healing arts organisations in Australia. 



The WTQA newsletter is produced bi-monthly and offers free advertising to all members for any events related to these arts which may be of interest to other practitioners: workshops, retreats, study tours, sight-seeing tours, etc.

It is usual that members offer fellow WTQA members a discounted price thus encouraging and supporting each other to both continue and to broaden our studies. 

The newsletter also provides a forum where members are able to share thoughts, discoveries, researched information and photos of events or special occasions.

Contributions from all members are always welcomed, however, the committee reserves the right to refuse material should it be at odds with our aims.


Class Exemption:

At all levels of membership, you will have access, on application, to the WTQA Control of Weapons Class Exemption. All members in possession of a prohibited weapon are required to be registered and to carry a membership or exemption card with their weapons. Please check the Weapons: Class Exemption page for details on how to apply.



From time to time, WTQA presents workshops for members' participation. These workshops are always offered at hugely discounted prices.

The WTQA X-Training Day has become a major event on the annual calendar. Facilitated by organisation schools and instructors who offer a huge range of topics, the X-Training Day is highly anticipated and always well attended. Open to non-members as well, substantial discounts are, however, only available to WTQA members.


Member Discounts:

Wherever possible, WTQA will reduce prices, entry and registration fees for its members. It is also customary among members, as a gesture of support and goodwill, to offer member-to-member discounts, however small, on workshops, classes, educational materials and martial arts supplies.


Awards and Sponsorships:

Where deemed appropriate by the Committee of Management, WTQA will provide awards and sponsorship to individual athletes selected for international competition. For consideration on your or a deserving athlete, applications may be made in writing to the Committee.


WTQA Logo:

As an Organisation Member, your school may use the WTQA logo on promotional and corporate materials. Membership of industry associations gives confidence and credibility to potential customers - students and corporate entities alike. Please let your people know that you are backed by WTQA with an Approved Organisation or an Approved Instructor status, by proudly displaying the WTQA Logo.


The Membership Categories we offer are:

Practitioner Member:        

individual membership; a student of wushu, tai chi or qigong; entitled to one vote

Instructor Member:        

an individual offering instruction and running classes in wushu, tai chi and/or qigong; approved by WTQA entitled to one vote

Organisation Member:

a school or training organisation offering instruction and running classes in wushu, tai chi and/or qigong;approved by WTQA entitled to two voting representatives nominated by the school

Subsidiary Member:

automatic membership for students of Organisation Member schools no voting entitlement

Junior Member:    

under 15 years of age automatic membership for students of Organisation Member schools no voting entitlement

Associate Member:    

non-participating individual membership; no voting entitlement



In Victoria, the Control of Weapons Act 1990 outlawed, among other activities, the sale, advertising for sale, possession, use and carriage of prohibited weapons. The weapons referred to in the Act include our Tai Chi and Wushu swords and sabres.

Serious and significant penalties apply to any breach of these regulations unless an exemption has been sought and granted in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Act. 

WTQA holds a Class Exemption on behalf of our members.

Members living in Victoria, or travelling to Victoria, with these weapons in their possession may apply to WTQA for inclusion in the Class Exemption. Members who own either Tai Chi or Wushu swords or sabres (we have been advised that this includes wooden weapons) are strongly advised to complete the application to join this Class Exemption and ensure the legality of your weapons practice. The exemption will enable members to legally possess, use and carry these weapons for the purpose of study, practice, training, teaching and competing in the sport.

If you own these weapons, please download the application forms, complete all the requirements and send them off to WTQA as soon as possible.

Responsibilities of Practitioners (including Instructors) Engaging in Activities Involving Swords:   Click Here

Additional Responsibilities of WTQA School & Organisation Members Engaging in Activities Involving Swords:   Click Here

The above notes do not purport to be professional legal advice. If you have any doubts as to requirements consult the original legislation, which may be accessed through or Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents Website.

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Statutory Declaration Form (Aug 2017) For Organisation Members

Please Note: The application form may be downloaded, opened, editable fileds completed then saved as a separate file and sent as an attachment. Alternatively the form may be printed, completed, and posted. 

Send your forms and inquiries to:
Phone: 0437 949 919
Postal: Wushu Tai Chi & Qigong Inc. PO Box 246 Ashburton VIC 3147.

Since its inception, the principle aim of WTQA has been furthering the standards of Wushu, Taijiquan and Qigong in Australia. 

WTQA is committed to the vision of a united Australian Wushu community; one that is truly independent, all inclusive, non-factional, and aimed at improving the sport in Australia. The core values of co-operation, education and excellence are a strategic imperative, leading us to better practices, stronger relationships and new paths to growth. Over the past several years WTQA has worked hard to maintain itself as a strong yet flexible organisation focused on addressing the needs of our membership and providing it with greater opportunities for growth.

We are continually developing environments to enhance the performance of our athletes, coaches, judges and our communities, enabling every member of the WTQA to grow both personally and professionally. In furthering these goals we wish to ensure that instructor and school members meet best practice standards comparable to any throughout the Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong world. To this end WTQA is gradually introducing new membership requirements to meet those of the “WTQA Code of Conduct”, and “School and Instructor Risk Management Procedures”, including insurance and weapons control.  This will benefit instructor and school members, by ensuring they are aware of, and follow, the best possible procedures in the interests of their stakeholders and the Wushu, Tai Chi & Qigong community.

The WTQA Committee of Management hopes you will support WTQA in its endeavours and present a robust, best practice membership of which we can all be proud.